Not that I’m a big fan of self-help methods (maybe I am), but during my quest to find tools and methods that could actually help me concentrate and ‘getting things done’ I have found some things that really helped me already.


Since I find it very hard to stay concentrated for more than 5 minutes when having to write papers and now my dissertation I started using a text processor called OmmWriter that makes writing fun and productive again. It blocks out the outside world by playing music in the background. But this is not its greatest future. The different typing noises it makes, make me want to continue writing.


Focus: a simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction

Another ‘great’ find is the free e-book by Leo Babauta author of the weblog

Focus is about finding simplicity in this Age of Distraction. It’s about finding the focus you need to create, to work on what’s important, to reflect, to find peace. You can download it here for free:

22 tracks

The website 22 tracks with a selection of 22 genres and 22 songs representing that genre this website is great for discovering new music and play music ad-free without any delays. Check it out at